Being Whole-Hearted

Helping others is good but taken beyond the level of your emotional energy or beyond the level you can do with some feeling of love-happiness even this helping will harden your heart, or it will break you. Practicing the rules and rituals of religion is similarly good but when taken to beyond the energy level of your emotions, or beyond the point where you feel loving-happiness this too will harden your heart and have an effect opposite to the desired one. This remains true regardless how counter-intuitive to justice and love this may seem.

It is simply that God wants your whole soul and unhappiness with an activity is a clear sign your whole soul is not in it. Do something in which you are truly interested and that will be either part of your worship or give you enough energy to give your whole heart to rituals when you do practice these (I will ignore the nonsensical retorts like “what if you like abusing people”, except to say all advice is given assuming some semblance of common sense)

If you wish to “hate” satan, you should do so by loving God; if you are foolish enough to hate satan by actually feeling emotional hate for him, you only end up becoming full of hate yourself. When, in the context of religion, one is told to “hate” something, you are really being asked, in strong terms, to shun that thing and its qualities.

There is this persistent problem which believers have: how hard should one try for some goal and when do you “leave it to God”. The usual answers lead to the same question in another way. In fact, it is this very struggle to become so acquainted with oneself and one’s heart that you understand more and more easily how much effort you have to put and when do you simply “leave to God” (There is a background leaving to God at all times, but after extreme effort, this trust should become the foreground)
Atheists face this same issue but are not as aware of the dilemma. In their case, the problem is simply how hard they should try. The answer again is they should over time get familiar with what they “truly want” deeper inside. Getting familiar with that twilight zone is a lifelong undertaking for believer and atheist alike. In fact, when one goes into the world of hidden emotions, it is not at all clear what constitutes faith and what constitutes disbelief. This is why one should not doubt those who profess faith no matter what one may feel about them.

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  1. Such an amazing insight about rituals and emotional energy ! It could never have been suspected!

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