Thoughtful vs Literal

What can one possibly say to the literalist, to the one who insists on following everything to the letter. Such a person does not follow even the traditions on values like kindness for example. There is no logical way of insisting there is such a thing as the spirit of a religion beyond the actual words. Such a person will not understand that a rule is to be followed for the love of man and God and not for itself. Such a person insists that he or she is ALSO trying to love. But love is not an “also” thing. It is the very reason or it becomes relegated to a much lower level, ultimately getting removed from the equation.

The only way is if you yourself understand that a religion is only accepted through the eye of the spirit. In other words, one has to understand at least oneself that the spirit of or for religion is already there to be awoken. That innate spirit is able to judge if a religious interpretation is losing the essence. The spirit for religion is prior to the words of religion one may hear and this is why it has been said that every child is born a Muslim . When one sees someone who is emphasising the literal aspect too much, it is as if the person has suffocated the spirit or lost it.

The bitter, angry person who turns to religion without wishing his or her bitterness away is a dangerous person. Violence aside, it is the same in other ways, for those with huge egos . Their mischief will only increase with an increase in religion, unless they are able to perceive their egos as being an obstacle. This rarely happens. So it is, as Sheikh Sadi relates, once a king asked a Sufi what the king should do in the service of God. The Sufi replied the best thing the king could do is to go to sleep

If you are rich, well educated, smart and have acquired a taste for religious knowledge then perhaps all is lost because this combination of gifts was but a test and most likely you have failed it. This is even more likely if you have deep seated bitterness within. Extraordinary humility can help but humility does not exist with smugness or arrogance

A thoughtful person is one who has pauses within thoughts. Depth of thought comes from the pauses. The thinking part is either random noise or manipulation of the idea that preceded thought. After all, that which thinks is something other than thought. You have spent most of your life looking outside, now please be bold and inquisitive and dare to look within. There may be too many waves…the thought emotions… But the pauses will come and during these the eye will see ever deeper layers

Your intellect may be super, discussing cosmological constants and quarks but you cannot take it with you when you go deep within your mind. That which you can take with you when you go deep within is what you may take with you when you die. What does help in the stillness and exploration of mind are qualities like love, trust, humility. To the extent you have cultivated these, they will be with you.

Just because it is difficult to define judgmental it does not mean there is no such thing. So what would be a working definition.
A judgmental person judges a person by the obvious category the person falls under while the non-judgmental person judges the actual person. The latter kind of judgement will be less frequent, more holistic and based on multi-dimensions; the former is frequent and quite single-dimensional. Looked at from within, the non-judgmental person feels non-condescending compassion, love, clarity while judging while the judgmental person feels contempt, irritation, anger.
It takes greater self awareness to be sensitive to others while laughing than it takes while smiling.

When you let go of your thought patterns you necessarily will become non judgmental

You have various unresolved feelings buried in you. They seem to have difficulty communicating with each other. Thought is created deep down by your consciousness trying to wrap itself around various parts of your mind. When one emotional pocket is very strong, say anger, consciousness allows that part to dominate. The idea is to decrease the amount of buried feelings. In ordinary life, you live through your feelings but at a snail’s pace. When you attempt to still your mind you burn through your garbage at a much faster rate. The key is letting go of each emotion. not needing to live each emotion in order to burn it. If you ever get done with all emotion what you are left with is love. Love it turns out is not an emotion but the background which gets choked by anger, greed, jealousy, lust etc. Ordinary love for example as in falling in love happens because for that one person you are willing to let go temporarily of your emotional baggage. As the person becomes less important, it becomes less important to drop the baggage and love fades away. You encounter real love when you decrease your baggage permanently in a serious way. That emotional baggage was also the cause of both thought patterns and ego

If you are not true to yourself you cannot be true to God. Yet if you are true to all that is negative inside, how can you be doing right by God or by others you are likely to hurt. The resolution of this or the seeking of such a resolution is one way of expressing the search for truth. This implies that truth is more than what we feel. It is also something we owe. It is the bringing together in a semi miraculous way the ought with the want, so that you end up wanting to do what your whole being says you ought to do. That is the foundation of peace

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  1. sooo butifull Ali each para has so much juice in it that it needs long pauses in between to enjoy the flavor for long and one could feel the stillness frome where the thoughts are coming .lhave tears in my eyes .love you

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