The Good Atheist

The understanding, or “seeing” that separates the atheists from the believers is that believers understand Goodness and Love to be the intrinsic Nature of Everything when followed to its core.

A thoughtful believer believes things to be Good at their Core, so if something negative rises in him or her, the believer is unafraid to follow the thread, open perhaps Pandora’s box and go the distance till finally there is emptiness inside with Light shining through this emptiness. A very Alive Emptiness.

The good-hearted atheist of course does not believe things to be necessarily good at their core so is simply unwilling to risk all to look inside the pandora’s box of the  Unconscious. This inability of the atheist to commit to Absolute Self-Honesty within is the reason that Religion is ultimately  so important. Of course, the atheist believes he or she has greater self-honesty but that is because he has not looked deep enough. At  deeper levels of the unconscious,  there are storms that would make an atheist panic. An alternative would be if the atheist has a deep, unexplained intuition of the goodness of all things, but typically atheists avoid the mysterious and this would fall squarely into the mysterious category

But Dear Believer, are you utterly Self-Honest? If not, you suffer with the atheist the quality of not having Trust in the Goodness of God and Life.

There is this perpetual debate on whether what we do is God’s Will or own little will. The more you dislodge and go through your unresolved pent-up emotions, clearing them up, the more you will feel like God has a big part in your own little will, till you reach the stage where you simply cannot find your will or even your own self. Everything is seen as being Simply Done by the One and it is only others who attribute a will or decisions to you.

This certainly does not mean you become serious or that you do not enjoy tv, music etc. Just means you are so yourself that you are finally what God intended you to be. This is a state of Effortlessness since there is no conflict in you. Of course, the question still remains whether you are merged with God’s Will when you are NOT in such a state. That path is a dead end of paradoxes.

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  1. Ali thank you for giving tonic to the soul. by giving attention to small things with awarness life seems even more mysterious.

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