You are crafted byevents

Everyone says they understand that the spirit must be followed but then they add more rules to their repertoire. This obsession is only an extension of the desire for material gain. One is attempting the same strategy to win over a seemingly difficult God. Well, that one you profess to worship wants your honesty in worship not your flattery as some political figure would. You have to learn self honesty before you can worship him who is the only one. Self honest starts by noticing every single feeling, every single thought (no matter how bad) that rises inside. Very dangerous. Who knows what you are deep within. This way is only for lions.

You cannot hate poverty without being very attached to wealth . You cannot hate poverty and not have contempt for the poor. Yet God’s Beloved has said “My poverty is my pride”.

I have seen extreme cruelty first hand and I have seen extreme kindness first hand. I have seen them both within me. And I suspect they are within you as well

You feel you have your wonderfully crafted opinions because you thought through things. In fact major events or sometimes minor can change you radically giving you new justifications for new opinions. You are where you are mentally because of the events which took place around you. If one listens closely to life the changes are much faster and always good. Listening to the wise further speeds things. Don’t take my word for it..listen to life…which is the same thing as closely following your own feelings. As the Hadith goes “He who knows himself knows his Lord”

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