Cruel Beliefs

Do you know what is evil? To believe in a cruel God. What is worse? To teach of such a God

Everyone says they understand that the spirit must be followed but then they add more rules to their repertoire. This obsession is only an extension of the desire for material gain. One is attempting the same strategy to win over a seemingly difficult God. Well, that one you profess to worship wants your honesty in worship not your flattery as some political figure would. You have to learn self honesty before you can worship Him who is the only One. Self honest starts by noticing every single feeling, every single thought (no matter how bad) that rises inside. Very dangerous. Who knows what you are deep within. This way is only for lions.

The poor are such hopeless believers, let me tell you. They do not give zakat, they do not go for haj, they should do qurbani (even though the alims tell us it is necessary even if one has almost nothing,) , theiy practice no purdah. They don’t have time or energy for even namaz and they cannot read the Quran and certainly have very little prestigious Ilm. According to the new Islam of the western educated and the rich these poor poor will all end up in hell. Who cares, except perhaps our beloved Prophet (pbuh) who loved the poor

Caring for the poor is not only giving them zakat nor even giving them beyond the zakat amount but giving them attention when you speak to them. The same kind when speaking to the rich. It is not a matter of the time but the quality of and focus within the attention. See them as individuals please and it will become frighteningly difficult to ignore their needs. When they become humans for us, we become human for God. Yes, I know you and every other person already loves them. I am talking to the non-existent ones who do not

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