Faith Without Compassion

Faith without kindness and generosity is ugly. It has simply not achieved its purpose in the slightest. Kindness gives a sweet strength to faith because kindness has to pass from within. One may not sense this in the beginning but kindness cleanses and refreshes from within

Kindness is joined to attention. Try being kind without being attention. It will be an arrogant form of supposed kindness, where you think an act – for example, giving money – qualifies you as being kind. You cannot really be kind to “mankind” except by redefining the sense of the word. You can be kind to those around or the odd stranger in need.

It is the tiny acts of kindness which really count. Such tiny acts are just small enough to bypass the ego. The great big things will increase the ego , with some very rare exceptions
The moment you think you are one of the exceptions you have proved you are not

It is the spontaneous acts of kindness which are often unnoticed by the ego. The purer your intention the more you are completely absorbed in the act,the ego has difficulty here but still one may think back and ruin everything. One is less likely to think back on small acts. The path is a high one but since you are reading all this, it may be it is the heights you aim for. Most are comfortable with lesser paths, apparently convinced deep within that there is only the Here and no After

How do I know. Because like everyone else on this planet I too am close to God. We are his confidants if only we would listen. How do you listen to him. You listen to all the thought emotions in your head till they are silent. Then you listen to him in silence. You need to still your mind just a bit to start. If the intention is there things will roll

The kind hearted atheist has no reason to try and put extra attention into the increasing of loving-kindness and therefore ends up as a less kind hearted atheist in later life.

I am convinced that if an atheist gave his or her all into increasing love for people (not “mankind” ), the atheist would end up submitting to either the religion of childhood or the religion around, but in its liberal form. Let’s test this idea. Let the atheist willing to take on the pain of this test please raise his or her hand.

The issue with atheists is that, while they may be compassionate and kind, they are really not interested in the emotions themselves. Instead they are interested in what gets accomplished. The sweetness of the emotions is secondary and this means they are never treasured beyond a certain level. Atheists do not have any reason to bring intense focus into increasing love. They simply do not realize what wonders the mind and heart hold deep within.

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