Good Faith, Bad Faith

You struggle so hard to accept or explain to others the justifications for the more difficult aspects of historical Islam. Well, just pour some extra kindness into yourself and around and listen to life and you will not need to come up with ingenious explanations. Your own love and kindness will resolve your inner conflicts since it will be proof enough to yourself and others that your Islamic conception of God is Wonderful

An atheist believes he or she will not exist after death yet the atheist cannot conceive what that means. How odd. To believe in something one cannot get a handle on. The believer has attributes which he extrapolates. There is nothing similar to Absolute Non Being. Does this prove God exists? Absolutely not, but it is something to reflect on. Everything we imagine we imagine as existing even if it is in the past. Does all this say something about life and our nature…probably a lot but who has the attention span for this? Who has enough stillness of mind to go into this? Not you, surely

The student weak in mathematics but hardworking insists on memorizing formulae and techniques. But is stumped in exams which test concepts. The modern day logic oriented going Muslim is similarly immersed in memorization and complex rules but is stumped by questions of spirit and love

When I argue with you , you are always right and I err if I get annoyed or am condescending. Being wrong is something you have to see yourself within yourself. My argument should be such that it helps you see the wrong within. Otherwise I am doubly wrong

Faith is only good if it leads to kindness and compassion..otherwise it is only selfishness

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