Knowing and Beliving

Is knowing the thoughts of a person knowing the person? Of course not… Closer to the truth is knowing the person’s patterns of behavior yet even closer is knowing the persons pattern of emotions for from this usually springs the rest: the thoughts and the behavior. Of course, some emotions remain masked. There are thoughts, behavior patterns and and if all these are not in some kind of harmony all is not well

If your faith is integrated with kindness and compassion your mind will become open to the ideas of others no matter how radically different these are from your ideas. Why? Because you have become sweetened with kindness and that is your source of strength

People talk of conscious and the unconscious but in fact through self awareness more and more of your unconscious becomes your conscious mind. The minute emotions which might have driven you one way or another now become visible at an earlier stage and perhaps when they are born. This awareness can put you back in the driver’s seat as you are no longer being driven their way

There are good deeds period not good Islamic deeds and other good deeds. The moment you do a good deed by first calculating whether it is good, the good in it evaporates. You are merely using it as a means of gain in the other world. This is the same as materialism. Whether you do something good for profit later in this world or later in the next it is still materialism
The deeds which your heart says are good even though you do not think they will score points for the hereafter these are the truly good deeds. When the mind has no clue that a deed is good, the heart is able to achieve real good, usually this is spontaneous

Often one hears that such and such is not a nice person but he is very religious. Can that mean anything? Yes, it means we do not have a clue what ‘religious’ means.

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