Love without Analysis

If I were able to fall in love with real one true God would it matter that I had no clue who or what god is? Is this circular reasoning? seems to be but not really. God is truly known through love and awe. If there is enough love in one, for an unknown God , as well as love of people, then one is loving the one true God. If one is not following His commands, one may be a sinner, but that does not mean one’s love of God need be any less than that of the pious.

One can imagine people around having been born in a different religion but one cannot imagine them as different in nature. They would have similar attitudes and express them with as much intensity as they do now, but from another viewpoint

When will people understand that God is one… Why lie to oneself thinking those others to be of a lesser god or of no god?
To the extent that you are sweetened from within (gruff on the outside is fine or better than fine), to that extent is the eye of your spirit developed and it is this eye which will see heaven Without kindness and compassion there is no eye of the spirit. It will be difficult to convert wealth into something meaningful there but you can always try.

We think that faith and doubt are opposites but in fact either one without the other is blind till such time as kindness and compassion have developed in one, faith can lead to massive cruelty by either physical actions, attitudes or passing of fatwas and fatwa like statements. Doubt can restrain such cruelty and make one think from the other side. Doubt alone of course has no reason to even try and increase in goodness; faith provides the reason.

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