Unbiased Discussion

If a discussion is to bear some tiny fruit one has to start from the other’s point of view and take it from there. That is, unless the other is willing to accept your point of view as the start. That would be a true open minded discussion

If a loved one has a serious complex dispute with someone, the spiritual intuition is to pray more for the other. Somehow god likes the unselfishness. Of course if one does this for such a reason the selfishness creeps right back in. Yes, but even the idea that things could work in such a way produces the seeds of unselfish love. And again, God loves that.
It is a bit like when you inconvenience some people and you apologize more profusely to the ones who know you less or trust you less.

The unselfconscious acts of kindness join heaven and earth. Kindness is of heaven but on the earth.

The poor are our masters. They are the ones in the advanced course of life. They will go before us to heaven. We treat them like dirt

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