I speak
the cold
the sacred
turned away
the absurd
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 I speak in magical metaphor

             I speak in magical metaphor, and sense 
             comes seeking me 
             I fix my eye on Spirit, and the words 
             flow naturally 

             I clothe myself in rags, and all riches 
             envy me 
             I cry with those in pain, and wonders 
             visit me 

             perhaps I should take to the normal way 
             and douse the flames that light me up 
             perhaps I should dull the fires inside 
             and take to drinking from an empty cup 

             perhaps passion should be wholly banned 
             and love is just a waste of a word 
             perhaps kindness is a silly cliché 
             and one should follow the powerful herd 

             and damn the vision and burn the wings 
             banish all seasons, or paint them gray 
             Instead let's color the songs, let lovers sing! 
             and rejoice in the rainbow and all its rays! 

             I speak the tongue of flowers, and lions 
             listen to me 
             I lead the forests to water, and rivers 
             follow me 

             I fix my heart on giving and what is mine 
             comes back to me 
             I turn my Soul to living and the sublime 
             happens to me

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